What leadership qualities are important for the future?


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Throughout history we have witnessed multiple leaders who inspire others to fulfill their dreams. In politics, culture, music, and even entertainment, there are figures full of leadership that encourage others. Leaders such as Michelle Obama, Greta Thunberg, Miuccia Prada and Taylor Swift have given great leadership lessons over the years.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) defines a leader as “a person who directs or leads a political party, a social group or other collectivity”. It is necessary not to confuse leader with boss, since the latter delegates, plans and even organizes. On the contrary, a leader goes further and motivates team members to make decisions or to develop professionally.

Unlike a boss, a leader inspires a group of people through values such as discipline, perseverance, honesty, intelligence and a well-developed emotional intelligence. Being a leader requires effort, because the greatest leaders are not built overnight. Do you want to be a leader in your work team? We tell you how you can achieve it. These are the qualities for the leaders of the future

Emotional Intelligence

A good leader not only develops professionally, but also keeps his or her emotions healthy and stable. Working on emotions such as anger, frustration, stress and more will help leaders to be more in control of unforeseen situations around them.

Problem solving skills

A group of people will follow the orders of a good leader, so this last person must be able to solve unexpected situations along the way. A leader is characterized by solving problems efficiently, honestly and for the benefit of the team.


Putting ourselves in others’ shoes is also one of the qualities of a good leader. An empathetic person understands what a group of people feel and identifies with the situations they are going through. Being empathetic will make you a good leader, but also a great human being.


It is impossible to lead a team without situations beyond our control. This is where resilience and the ability to overcome problems come in. Falling is valid, but knowing how to get up to achieve our goals will inspire the people around us.

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